China did not turn off the power in Mumbai

A "cyber-USS Maine"

The New York Times insinuated that a Chinese cyberattack shut off the power in Mumbai for 12 hours.

It’s true that a Chinese APT is going after Indian targets, including India’s electrical grid.1 It’s also true that an Indian minister kind-of-sort-of blamed the outage on a cyber attack.2

But the outage wasn’t caused by a cyber attack. It was caused by human error.

According to Union Power Minister RK Singh:

We had sent a team and their conclusion was that there were some mistakes made by operators and those who handle state transmission system.3

The New York Times has not issued a retraction—or even added a correction.

Implying—with its colossal megaphone—that China turned off the power in a major city is a big move. The Times should be more careful. Wars have started over less.

In other news…

Substack and Discord have a fun file upload vulnerability, discovered by Devin Gaffney.

Attackers breached Gab (think Nazi Twitter) and got private user data. It was a SQL injection attack, which means the Gab developers are amateurs, but slightly more skilled than the Parler developers, who had just stored private data publicly, unencrypted.