I work as a research fellow at the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, where I direct the Daylight Lab. I study structural threats to the global internet:

  • Stability. What attacks threaten to disrupt internet service globally?

  • Power. Where are the internet’s key points of global control?

  • Equity. Who controls them? Who decides who controls them?

This newsletter is my work as I do it: more than half-baked, less than peer-reviewed.

Some links

I received my Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley School of Information. My adviser was John Chuang. I’ve worked on a variety of projects over the years. Roughly reverse-chronologically:

All of my papers should be available on Google Scholar without a paywall. If you can’t download a paper, please let me know.

I live in xučyun, Ohlone territory. If you do too, check out cafe mak-’amham and consider giving Shuumi.

ewweh ṭuuxi huyyuwiš (brighter days lie ahead)